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GlobeCore Machines: Innovative Solutions for Transformer Oil Monitoring and Maintenance in Canada

GlobeCore is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for transformer oil processing, purification, and regeneration. The company has over 30 years of experience in the field and operates globally, serving customers in various industries, including power generation, oil and gas, and mining. GlobeCore’s mission is to provide reliable and innovative solutions that help its customers optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and minimize environmental impact. The company’s products are known for their quality, efficiency, and durability, making them a trusted choice for transformer oil maintenance and monitoring. This is where GlobeCore Machines come into play, offering a range of advanced tools for transformer oil analysis, processing, and maintenance.

Oil Moisture Meter

One of the primary causes of transformer failure is the presence of moisture in transformer oil, which can lead to corrosion, insulation breakdown, and reduced dielectric strength. The GlobeCore Oil Moisture Meter is a portable device that measures the water content in transformer oil in parts per million (ppm) and percent saturation. This tool uses the Karl Fischer titration method, which is the most accurate and reliable technique for moisture analysis. With the Oil Moisture Meter, maintenance teams can quickly assess the moisture level in transformer oil and take appropriate measures to prevent further water ingress.

Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer for Transformer Oil Monitoring

The GlobeCore Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer is a cutting-edge device that measures both the water content and hydrogen gas concentration in transformer oil. Hydrogen gas is an indicator of the incipient faults in transformers, such as partial discharge, arcing, or overheating. By monitoring the hydrogen gas level, maintenance teams can detect and locate the faults before they cause significant damage to the transformer. The Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer uses the gas chromatography method, which provides accurate and stable results.

Oil Tan Delta Tester

The Oil Tan Delta (OTD) test is a widely used technique for evaluating the degree of polymerization and degradation of transformer oil. The GlobeCore Oil Tan Delta Tester is a portable instrument that measures the Tan Delta value, which is a measure of the dielectric dissipation factor of the oil. This value reflects the condition of the oil and its ability to insulate the transformer. The OTD test is essential for assessing the risk of insulation breakdown and predicting the remaining life of the transformer. The Oil Tan Delta Tester can perform the test in less than 10 minutes, making it a valuable tool for on-site maintenance.

System for Transformers Online Diagnostic and Oil Processing

The GlobeCore System for Transformers Online Diagnostic and Oil Processing is a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring and maintenance of transformers. This system combines various tools, including the Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer, Oil Tan Delta Tester, and Breakdown Voltage Tester, with an online oil processing unit. The online processing unit can remove moisture, gas, and other contaminants from transformer oil while the transformer is in operation. This enables continuous maintenance and ensures optimal oil and transformer performance. The System for Transformers Online Diagnostic and Oil Processing is ideal for large-scale power generation and transmission facilities that require high levels of reliability and uptime.

Breakdown Voltage Tester

The Breakdown Voltage Tester is a device that measures the dielectric strength of transformer oil. This value indicates the ability of the oil to withstand electrical stress and prevent insulation breakdown. The GlobeCore Breakdown Voltage Tester uses the standard method specified in ASTM D877 and IEC 156 standards. This tool can perform the test in less than 10 minutes and provides accurate and repeatable results. The Breakdown Voltage Tester is a crucial tool for routine maintenance and periodic testing of transformer oil.

In conclusion, GlobeCore Machines offer a range of innovative solutions for transformer oil monitoring and maintenance in Canada. These tools enable maintenance teams to detect and prevent transformer failures, optimize transformer performance, and extend the transformer’s lifespan. With GlobeCore Machines, power generation and transmission facilities can achieve higher levels of